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Xbox 360 offering console trade-ins for Comex 2011

Bargain-hunters in Asia can look forward to the upcoming tech trade show Comex 2011 that will be held at Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore from September 1 to September 4. Microsoft’s Xbox division in Singapore will be setting up a booth at the convention, promising deals aplenty for attendees.

For starters, gamers in Singapore can trade in any single gaming console to save up to S$150 off a new Xbox 360. Gamers can trade in a PS3 for S$140, S$70, and S$60 depending on the console SKU type. Trading in a Wii will net gamers S$120, while trading in a PS2 will net them up to S$55. Attendants who trade in a PlayStation can shave up to S$15 off of a new Xbox 360.

Customers who trade in an old Xbox 360 can get up to S$150 off, while trading in an old Xbox can net them S$60. Attendees who trade in Microsoft’s consoles will receive an additional free 1600 MS points for their troubles.

Customers can also trade in portable consoles for this deal. Trading away a PSP can net gamers up to S$80, while trading in a DS can net them up to S$35. Gamers who trade in their GameBoy Advance systems can get up to S$20, while those who trade in their Gameboy Micros and Gameboy Color systems can get S$15 and S$5 respectively. All TV game consoles must come with controllers, power cords, and AV cables, while all handheld consoles must come with batteries.

In addition, players who pre-order the Gears of War 3 Limited Edition version of the game will get a Gears of War 3 survivor kit worth S$100. The contents of the kit have yet to be disclosed by Microsoft. The Limited Edition contains an Octus award box, an Octus service medal, an unlockable Adam Fenix character for use in the game’s multiplayer mode, a Fenix family memento, a fabric COG flag. However, the Epic Edition of the game is nowhere to be found in this Comex booth deal.

Gamers can also purchase two games from their booth at S$99. The games eligible for this deal are Kinectimals, Dance Central, Kinect Sports, Kinect Joyride, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Motion Sports, Fighters Uncaged, Michael Jackson: The Experience, and Child of Eden.



Splinter Cell 6 in 2012?

Since Splinter Cell: Conviction released last April, there’s been little news on another installment in the Tom Clancy​ series. Like Rainbox Six and Ghost Recon, the Splinter Cell titles have be become increasingly less tactical, trading details for “accessibility” but last year’s stylistic take on the franchise with Conviction won over critics once again.

Splinter Cell 6 was name-dropped by Jade Raymond last November where she revealed that it’s going to be fully developed by Ubisoft’s new Toronto studio and some speculated that an official reveal would be teased at E3 2011, but it wasn’t meant to be. According to the latest rumor however, Splinter Cell 6 will release next year.

The rumor stems from the Czech site,, who claim that Elias Toufexis​, the voice behind the character of Andriy Kobin in Splinter Cell: Conviction, said that the game is nearing completion and that it’ll be ready for release in 2012.

The report continues with Toufexis explaining that the next game will be directly tied into the events of Conviction and that it’ll be a more challenging game with quite a few gameplay changes. What this means and how accurate this may be, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The character of Andriy Kobin was integral to the plot of Conviction (and its added co-op mode). He was responsible for the trickery behind the kidnapping of Sam’s daughter in the game, and he’s one of only three characters who survive Fisher’s interrogations. At the end of the game, it’s left hanging whether or not Kobin survives so if this rumor pans out, Kobin is back for Splinter Cell 6.

Alongside Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell is Ubisoft’s third flagship franchise that they plan to adapt for film with the company’s newly formed Ubisoft Motion Pictures studio so it won’t be long before we hear more about Splinter Cell 6.


Xbox finally joins PS3 with new 3D update

The latest Xbox 360 update which will be available via the latest batch of games and most likely via Xbox Live in the coming days finally places the Xbox 360 on an even keel with the PS3.

The new update allows users to enabled 3D for use with 3D TV sets. The text reads “Enable 3D to use stereoscopic 3D in games and experiences that support it. The option also has a setting which will detect TV size and also allow users to input the size manually.

The PS3 has had these options for quite some time via one of its updates but is good news that the Xbox 360 finally recognizes 3D games; especially in light of the announcement of 3D support for Gears of War 3, Batman Arkham City and Halo CE: Anniversary. What’s interesting is the use of the words “games and experiences”, could this mean Xbox 360 will be getting 3D movies from SKY and Netflicks in the near future?


Real or fake?


Metal Slug in Real Life


God of War: Origins Collection demo

The life of a Spartan is hard, you know? Not only do you spend the majority of your time battling the will of the gods and/or Freddy Krueger, but you’ve also got to deal with Ready at Dawn rebuilding your entire body from scratch. Being completely reconstituted from the ground up is a serious drag on a wrathful deity’s love life, but it looks like the reconstruction process is nearly finished, as the God of War: Origins Collection demo will soon make its way into your living room.

PlayStation Plus members itchin’ for some PSP-remake action can get their hands dirty as early as tomorrow, while plebeian un-Plus members will have to quell their bloodlust until September 6. Full stereoscopic 3D will be included in the demo as well, so if you’ve got a 3D-capable display and an action-capable attitude, the only thing keeping you from olympian glory is yourself. Unless you’re not a PlayStation Plus member; that will also keep you from olympian glory, for one week.


Sony officially puts Resistance 3 back in PS3 3D Display bundle (if you pre-order)

All this time, we’ve thought Walmart, Amazon, and GameStop were stickin’ it to the man by offering Resistance 3 as a pre-order bonus for Sony’s 3D PlayStation Display, even after the bug-hunt simulator had been officially replaced by MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It seems we were wrong.

As it turns out, this was Sony’s plan the whole time, for some completely inexplicable and incomprehensible reason. While still not officially part of the actual bundle, Resistance 3 will be included with any 3D PlayStation Display pre-ordered before September 30. MotorStorm: Apocalypse’s inclusion is not dependent upon pre-ordering, however, so you’ve still got until the launch in November to decide if the features offered can justify $500.


The Witcher 2 approaching a million sales

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is close to selling a million copies, a representative for developer CD Projekt Red confirmed to Joystiq earlier today. The Warsaw Business Journal reported that the studio had sold 940,000 copies of the gorgeous monster hunter RPG in the first half of 2011, following its launch on May 17.

The Witcher 2 version 2.0 update for PC should arrive on September 29, alleviating the game’s punishing opening and making other tweaks that should open up Geralt’s excellent adventure to more players. The Xbox 360 version, which will ship with the V2.0 content, is still planned for Q1 2012.


3DS Fatal Frame spinoff uses 3DS cameras as in-game camera

It’s kind of the perfect idea: match the Fatal Frame series, in which characters see and fight ghosts through a camera lens, with AR tech like that in the 3DS. And, if early reports out of the latest Famitsu are accurate, we’ll soon get the opportunity to see if that idea is executed perfectly.

Called “Spirit Diary,” the game interacts with an included “AR Notebook” whose functions are curently unknown. In the game, you and a young girl investigate the cursed book. Other modes include AR minigames and a battle mode in which players fight using “spirit pictures” of themselves.

It is currently unknown whether this game will be published by Tecmo, who handled most previous Fatal Frames, or Nintendo, who published the Wii Fatal Frame — and then neglected to release it outside of Japan.


Personally, I would like to see fatal frame series come to PS3! imagine.. HD ghost! definitely scare the crap out of you..

Deus Ex: Human Revolution conspiracy hints at new content

A code on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution title screen was actually part of a deeper conspiracy that, if followed to its conclusion, led to the image we’ve posted above. The prevailing theory about what it means, in combination with the day and time stamp in the bottom left of the image, is that Square Enix could announce DLC for its hit game as soon as next week.

The image was discovered after internet sleuths followed the code to GPS coordinates for Uluru rock in Australia. Combined with a password of “11m13clinic” and some Twitter help from the game’s producers, the clues eventually unlocked the image (which is probably a clue in itself).


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