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God of War: Origins Collection demo

The life of a Spartan is hard, you know? Not only do you spend the majority of your time battling the will of the gods and/or Freddy Krueger, but you’ve also got to deal with Ready at Dawn rebuilding your entire body from scratch. Being completely reconstituted from the ground up is a serious drag on a wrathful deity’s love life, but it looks like the reconstruction process is nearly finished, as the God of War: Origins Collection demo will soon make its way into your living room.

PlayStation Plus members itchin’ for some PSP-remake action can get their hands dirty as early as tomorrow, while plebeian un-Plus members will have to quell their bloodlust until September 6. Full stereoscopic 3D will be included in the demo as well, so if you’ve got a 3D-capable display and an action-capable attitude, the only thing keeping you from olympian glory is yourself. Unless you’re not a PlayStation Plus member; that will also keep you from olympian glory, for one week.



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