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Resident Evil 6 teaser trailer?

UPDATEEarlier this morning, a representative from Capcom Japan confirmed with Kotaku and Kotaku Japan that the trailer posted above was being shown in the company’s closed theatre at the Tokyo Game Show.

Contacted for further information, however, representatives from Capcom USA later informed Kotaku that they “could not comment on rumours or speculation”. Those “rumors” being the trailer in question.

As this discrepency casts doubt on the legitimacy of the clip, we have updated the story’s headline and content accordingly. Apologies for any confusion caused!


Rely on horror: This random video hit Youtube not too long ago and quite possibly shows the very first teaser trailer for Resident Evil 6. Capcom didn’t officially announce anything at TGS to the public, but this may have been shown behind closed doors.

There’s not much to see here beside a logo, some text, and a quick flash. Its validity remains under immense question




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