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Risk: Metal Gear Solid sneaking out sometime soon

Metal Gear Solid and the board game Risk are fusing in some intricate collaboration that we’d fully explain to you, but it would require a 90-minute cut scene. Here’s the basic premise of Risk: Metal Gear Solid: players control one of five Private Military Companies vying for global dominance, by using a variation of the Risk 2008 rules update.

The game board consists of the standard six zones and 42 territories, along with an Outer Haven battleship addition. There are also 275 custom plastic pieces representing the five PMCs, neutral armies and cities; 8 Boss Cards, 40 Drebin’s Cards, 42 Territory Cards and 8 Rewards that can be earned.

The board game will be available exclusively through, beginning “presale” on October 3 for $50. No official launch date has been given. In the meantime, you can always play Risk: Halo Wars.



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