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The Witcher 2 gets 2.0 update next week, Steam sale begins today

During a livestreamed press conference this afternoon, Polish developer CD Projekt Red detailed many of the 2.0 changes coming to its hit PC title, The Witcher 2. Those features include a new tutorial system, addressing complaints that the game dropped players off right into the deep-end of the gameplay pool.

If your complaint wasn’t that the game was too hard but rather too easy, version 2.0 also introduces the so-called “Dark” mode, which “is nearly as difficult as ‘Insane,’ but allows players to save the game.” And if your complaint wasn’t that The Witcher 2 was too easy or too hard, but rather too finite, you’ll be interested in Arena mode, which is a wave-based arcade mode where players will fight (and fight and fight) until they finally succumb to the enemy horde. Depending on how you fared, you could opt to upload your progress to Facebook or the game’s forums.

In addition to the PC enhancements, the upcoming Xbox 360 “adaptation” (don’t call it a port!) includes all of the new 2.0 features, as well as some other “new features.” Most notable, according to CD Projekt Red, is an all-new “4 minutes long CGI Intro by Oscar nominee, and BAFTA winner, animator Tomasz Bagiński.” Baginski did the CGI intro for the first Witcher title, but promises, “The CGI Intro for The Witcher 2 will have different flavor than the one known from the first Witcher game.” And before you get too upset, PC players, while the CGI intro is strangely being billed as an Xbox “feature” it will “be part of the future update of the PC version of the game as well.”

The 2.0 update hits PC a week from today, on September 29th, for the low, low price of free, while the Xbox 360 release is still expected in the Q1 2012 window. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to try your hand at witching, a new retail price point as well as some digital promotions should help. Beginning today, the Steam version is available for $29.99 (or €29.99) until October 6. CD Projekt Red sister company will offer a DRM-free version on the 29th for the same price, until October 6 as well. If retail is more your thing, The Witcher 2 is getting a $10 drop from $49 to $39 (or €39), a price already beat by Amazon.



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