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Playstation Home to get free first person shooter

Earlier this summer, Sony announced that it would launch a major revamp for the free Playstation Home virtual 3D world for owners of the Playstation 3 game console. This week, it was revealed that one of the new Playstation Home features will allow users to play a free first person shooter, titled Bootleggers. Shacknews has the first info about the game which will allow users in their Playstation Home avatar forms to engage in multiplayer matches.

Bootleggers is designed to be a bare bones multiplayer FPS without a lot of extra features that you might expect to see in, say, a Call of Duty game. Players will head to the Playstation Home’s new Action district to play the game. Once they enter the Bootleggers section they will be presented with a matchmaker lobby and then start playing. The game will be completely free; there will be no micro-transactions in Bootleggers. The article also describes a free poker game that will be available in Playstation Home’s sports district. One interesting feature is that the Sports district will have a TV that will offer real time updates on sports in the real world.

Sony has previously announced that in addition to the big Playstation Home revamp it will also offer a separate update that will be designed for first time Playstation Home users to make entering the virtual world easier via a “streamlined initial user experience”. The world’s Hub will also feature a new Activity Board that will turn Playstation Home into more of a quest-like game experience. The Playstation Home update is scheduled to launch later this fall.


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