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SEGA posting teaser images online

SEGA have posted this teaser image on their Facebook account. Many different theories form fans have been shouted, stuff like Shenmue 3 and Dreamcast 2 always making their wonderful return.

So what does it say? According to everyone on Facebook the rough translation is:

“End of that story is no more than a start of the new story”

I asked some of the Japanese community members we have on PSN and haven’t gotten a response. The other two images was one for twitter and one on IGN.

The IGN image says:

”A then so perfect existence, already completely and utterly destroyed”

Edit: According to our Japanese forum member, STORM!, the twitter image says:

“We are going to see that… dead people souls”

Folks, sounds like its a teaser for the reveal of Yakuza: Dead Souls. We already saw this one coming. Thanks SEGA. Also, why did they use the Valkyria Chronicles font?

EDIT: Its Yakuza: Dead Souls



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