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Hitman: Absolution ‘emphasises player choice’ – IO

There have been some raised eyebrows since the first footage of Hitman: Absolution appeared. Many felt that the game now looks more like a standard third-person action game, instead of the non-linear, replayable stealth title that the series has become famed for. But developers IO Interactive have now spoken about the level of freedom afforded by the game, explaining that the core of the franchise – player choice – is still very much intact.

“We want to emphasise on the core of our franchise, which is the freedom of choice,” said lead producer Hakan Abrak. ”In the earlier games you would be dropped in the middle of a level and you would go round and explore how to solve the different obstructions and challenges in the game. You still have that choice.”

He added that “hardcore fans” should be very happy indeed with the amount of replayability that the game offers, and that stealth is still very much a key component to the game.

The difference, he explained, is that the various different play styles and ways to solve problems – something the series became famed for, especially with Hitman: Blood Money – are now more accessible. “The choices weren’t clear before, and that was a challenge,” he said, adding: “It’s very clear to you what choices you have, then it’s up to you what approach you take for that challenge and how you solve it.”

Asked in an interview with Eurogamer whether this means fans of previous Hitman titles can play this one in exactly the way they want, Abrak replied: “Definitely.”

And he explained that the in-game demo – the thing that raised eyebrows in the first place – was designed first and foremost as a cinematic experience, rather than a demonstration of all the different ways it’s possible to play the game. He also teased some new features that will benefit the non-linear nature of the title – although he kept quiet about what, exactly, these are.

Hitman: Absolution will be released next year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. We’ll have a preview of the game on the site soon.



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