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Rage PC bugs make game “totally unplayable”

Rage, id Software’s new shooter/racer hybrid, has been a long time coming. With most of the pre-release footage having been of the Xbox 360 version, many have been eagerly anticipating North American release today as a chance to finally get their hands on the PC edition of the game. Except, there seems to be a bit of a problem: many users are reporting a variety of bugs, glitches and other problems that, in some cases, are rendering the game impossible to play.

“Anybody else’s game glitching like mad? I keep getting parts of the level blacking out,” one player wrote on a NeoGAF forum thread, which has become rife with players complaining about the instability of the PC build.

Quickly, users began to jump in to describe their own experiences, with several complaining that the game is literally impossible to play on their machines, even though they meet the minimum system requirements listed for the game.

“[I] can’t even play it,” wrote one user, adding: “wtf is this sh*t?”

“Yeah, totally unplayable right now,” said another forum-goer, with another recounting how he gave up trying to play the game after just a few minutes, thanks to textures failing to load.

Some players who have managed to get the PC version ostensibly working are still complaining of framerate and screen-tearing issues.

The problem initially seemed to be isolated to those with ATI video cards, and one user linked to a set of new drivers in the hope that these would solve the problem. However, they seemed not to offer a fix – and before long, those with other video cards were complaining of similar performance issues.

However, some of those with other video cards were able to mitigate the problems by downloading new drivers.

The number of alleged issues with the PC version may come as a surprise to some: developer id Software has a fine pedigree within the PC gaming market, and the company’s game engines are renowned for being some of the finest around. Rage is the first title to run on the new id Tech 5 technology.

The PC system requirements for Rage – especially at the ‘minimum’ end – are actually quite reasonable: certainly no heavier than those of comparable titles. But the game claims to ‘optimise’ its performance based on the specifications of your PC. There are resolution options, but other graphical settings are determined by the game itself, rather than by the end user.

We contacted a representative of Bethesda, the game’s publisher and owner of id Software. We were told that the company would look into the alleged bugs and contact us later – we’ll update this post when they do.

It’s easy to get worked up, but perhaps we should be following the lead of some less angry forum-goers – who are speculating that any problems will be fixed soon, and that the PC version will ultimately be the best way to experience the game. One European user thanked US players for being “testers”, as the game is not yet out in Europe.

Rage has released in North America today to predominantly very strong reviews. But while the game is receiving 8 and 9 out of 10 scores, these appear to all be for the console versions. On Metacritic, the PC version currently has no listed reviews – and the leading PC gaming sites on the internet are yet to publish their verdicts.

Rage, released today in North America, will emerge in the UK on Friday 7th October for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and – of course – PC.

It’s likely to be the last new IP that id Software work on for some time, it was revealed recently. The company is looking to turn Rage into a franchise. Let’s hope that any PC-specific issues get sorted out quickly and efficiently, so that they don’t stand in the way of id’s plans for the series’ future.



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One thought on “Rage PC bugs make game “totally unplayable”

  1. RAGE, id softwares new masterpiece looks great and beens getting great reviews on pc… Its a true pc game and not a port too!

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