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Will There Be an Xbox 720? Hollywood Thinks So.

Real Steel, that new Hugh Jackman flick with fighting robots, is set in a near future, dominated by battling bots. More preciously, the movie is set in 2020.

In one arena scene, corporate logos like Mercedes-Benz, Capital One, and, ahem, Del Taco light up a stadium. There is also a Bing logo and an Xbox 720 logo.

Microsoft’s Bing logo appears elsewhere in the film.

The Xbox 720 hasn’t been announced officially, and smart money says Microsoft will give it a different name entirely.

Yet, hypothetically, here it is on the silverscreen. Make sense as Microsoft is bound to have a new console out well before then.

It’s 2011, so if Microsoft did launch a new Xbox in either 2013 or 2014, that would probably be the end of its lifespan by 2020.



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