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Valve Responds to PS3 Version of Counter Strike: GO Being Slower Than PC Build, Xbox Live Omission

Valve has responded to the claim of Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s PlayStation 3 version being slower than its PC counterpart. Additionally, the company has explained why Xbox Live was left out of the PC and PS3′s cross-platform capability.

Speaking to TIMJ, Valve writer Chet Faliszek said on a question regarding the PS3 version of the game feeling slower than the PC version:

They’ll be running at the same pace on all systems. No omissions were made.

Faliszek continued to talk about on Xbox Live’s omission from the cross-platform capability for the shooter:

It has to do with operating systems and the way they work. Steam connectivity was already accessible through Playstation 3, and we had a lot of success with that. However, in terms of how cross-platforming will work remains to be seen. Essentially, we need to see if Valve can keep this updated to a standard that we would like. There will be a lot of community involved in the beta to help us, and it will be down to them to decide how the cross-platforming is implemented, how it will play, and ultimately, if it works.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is due for a release in 2012 for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.



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