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Next generation Xbox pops up in Microsoft resumes

While there’s no doubt that Microsoft is hard at work on some form of new Xbox console, we may have a new glimpse into those who are actually making it. A handful of resumes and documents were discovered by Superannuation, listing various employees that may be working on the new hardware.

Among these is Jeff Faulkner, with Gematsu reporting that his LinkedIn profile had him listed as “Xbox Nex Gen Creative Director,” though the profile seems to have been altered since the discovery. Faulkner is set to speak at London’s Typo expo, however, and the event describes him as “Creative Director for Xbox Next Generation, where he guides the vision for Xbox’s User Experience Design across Social Media, User Experience, Entertainment, Gesture and Voice Input, Information Design and Brand and Visual design.” Also listed is senior creative director Jonathan Harris, who is busy “designing the next generation of entertainment.”

Granted, neither listing actually specifies new hardware, though Xbox Hardware intern Joe Langevin begins to point in the right direction. According to his Linkedin profile, Langevin “designed and simulated high speed data buses to prevent electromagnetic interference in next-gen devices.” Most telling of all, however, is Patrick Corrigan. According to his LinkedIn profile, which has since been altered, Corrigan was “providing groundwork and integration for branding elements for next-gen Xbox on all forms of media. Ranging from print to UI across future releases of the Xbox platform.”

Even assuming any of the listed resumes are accurate, there aren’t many next-gen Xbox details to be had. Given the mention of “gesture and voice input,” it would seem Kinect isn’t going anywhere, though that’s not too surprising given its runaway success. Of course, it’s possible these resumes all refer to future iterations of the current Xbox or its software. Either way, we’ve reached out to Microsoft so see if we can learn anything more about the team behind the project.



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