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Warner solving Arkham City DLC issue with a simple 5 step process

According to a tipster, it looks like Warner Bros. is taking steps to resolve the various downloadable content issues faced by purchasers of Batman: Arkham City. Or, more precisely, Warner is asking customers to take steps — five of them, actually. Alright, six if you include having to contact customer service in the first place.

A Joystiq tipster by the name of Michel contacted customer service, and was told to provide the following:

  • A dated proof of purchase (receipt, invoice) showing the purchase of a NEW copy of the game (not a rented or used copy, nor a copy purchased from eBay)
  • Your gamertag for Xbox Live, or your profile for the PSN
  • Your email address
  • A scan or digital picture of the package and game disc(s)
  • A scan or digital picture of the code sheet (both sides).

Upon receipt of the information, customer service promised it would “escalate” Michel’s issue “so a code can be produced.” Obviously, the whole ordeal once again raises concern for the concept of “Online Pass” or “Project Ten Dollar,” which is ostensibly aimed at reducing used game sales and thus increasing publisher revenue. Then again, it’s supposed to reward customer loyalty, offering new purchasers something extra for supporting the developer and publisher.

And this isn’t the first time that Online Pass has caused problems for the users it was meant to reward. Driver: San Francisco also ran into problems with missing redemption codes. Dirt 3 purchasers were unable to redeem their online passes while PSN was down earlier this year, and the developers were unable to disable the requirement, as it was hard coded into the game. Before that, Xbox Live Silver members ran into trouble downloading extra content promised for new copies of Dead Space 2.

We’d like to ask if Online Pass is more trouble to publishers than it’s worth, but unfortunately we already know the answer.



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