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PlayStation 4 Game Development Is Underway

While Sony hasn’t yet officially announced the PS4, no doubt it’s coming. The PlayStation 3 will get a successor. According to a “trusted source”, work has started on PlayStation 4 games.

Website Develop reported that “various game projects are at very early stages”. Apparently, Sony’s in-house studios are starting development first, which makes obvious sense.

It seems like Sony is just starting on the PS4, and the console appears to be a few years out. We probably won’t see anything until 2013, at the earliest. Next year, Sony will most likely focus on the PS Vita.

This past May, a senior Sony executive said work had begun on a future platform—a comment Sony later said referred to the Vita.

According to one report, the next PlayStation will have Kinect-style motion controls.

In Februrary, Sony exec Kaz Hirai indicated that Sony was not yet working on the PS4.



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