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Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Install Size Revealed and Confirmed. Day One Update Live.

Thanks to some retailers selling the game early, a couple of our readers have put their hands on a full retail copy of Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360. While other reports have the PS3 version install clocking in at 2 GB, that is true and it is actually the same as the Xbox 360 HD-Pack. The PC version install size is actually smaller than that of the Xbox 360 and we even know the size of the day one title update.

Inside the Xbox 360 version are 2 discs, 1 for single player and the other for multiplayer.

The single player disc will install for 6.7 GB on your Xbox 360 Hard Drive.

The multiplayer/co-op disc has an install size of 7.3 GB.

Also, the day one update is already live and will run you 167 MB.

This brings the total of the install on Xbox 360 to 15.5 GB which is actually 4 GB more than the PC version at 11.6 GB.

So, there you have it! If you want to install Battlefield 3 on your Xbox 360, be prepared to use a lot of space up. PS3 owners, you know the drill, you’ll have to wait before you can actually play the game.



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