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DICE on Xbox 360′s 9GB DVD Format, More Battlefield 3 Details

The Xbox 360′s DVD format is restricted to just 9GB, thus resulting in the game shipping on two disks for the console. The PlayStation 3, meanwhile, boasts a 50GB cap due to its Blu-Ray integration. Developer DICE has now responded to the Xbox 360′s 9GB allowance on its disks, as well as new Battlefield 3 details emerging.

Speaking to IndustryGamers, producer Patrick Bach responded when asked how big Battlefield 3 is and if he feels restricted by the Xbox 360 9GB DVD format:

It’s massive, what with its single player campaign, separate co-op campaign, and the entire multiplayer mode. But data size wasn’t really a problem, since we simply put it on two discs for the Xbox 360.

Additionally, some new Battlefield 3 details has also been unearthed via Fredrik Thylander, senior designer at EA and DICE who said:

while jets can kill infantry (rockets) their rock-paper-scissors role is more anti air or ground vehicles depending on spec

Furthermore, when Global Battlefield Community Manager at DICE was asked if “is the day 1 patch already integrated into the preload? Or separate download on release day?”, to which Daniel Matros replied:

Already integrated in preload

Lastly, when a fan asked “is final code cpu usage going to be good?” to DICE’s Rendering Architect, Johan Andersson responded with:

final contains further crossfire fixes and general tweaks.

Battlefield 3 is due for a release on Tuesday while the shooter launches in Europe this Friday.



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