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Create Your Saints Row: The Third Character Early in the “Initiation Station”

I’m hard-pressed to think of a game that has a more ridiculous character-creation setup than Volition’s upcoming Saints Row: The Third. From street thugs to superheroes, it’s possible to create just about anything. For those who can’t wait for the game’s release in a couple weeks, players with an access code can access the character creator early and upload them to the game’s website to share with others.

Volition says that for now, Initiation Station access will be limited to those who purchased the Saints Row Double Pack or preordered Red Faction: Armageddon. Early codes should be going out in emails, and public access to the Initiation Station will unlock on November 1st.

In the above video, Volition’s Penthouse spokesladies walk us through a goofy skit introducing the Initiation Station. Really, this video only scratches the surface of the multitudes of options in the creator itself. Back when I played the game, I managed to make a purple, metal-skinned chick with a leopardface. I anticipate that the creations we’ll see online will only get more depraved from there.

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