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Rolling Start: Joystiq sings along with Daytona USA’s karaoke mode


When we discovered that the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions of Daytona USA contained a karaoke mode – including all the goofy vocals you remember – we knew that it was our duty to share it with you, the Joystiq biomass. Come join us, as we belt out some classic tunes and build a racetrack … around your heart.



Daytona USA Review

Team Hornet’s number 41 car isn’t as exotic as Out Run’s stable of prancing horses, with their whispered promises of fun in the sun on an endlessly unfurling road. It has none of the slippery precision of Sega Rally Championship’s Delta and Celica, the off-road duo that provided Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s game with its razor-sharp power slides. And it can’t claim to have pushed back the 3D frontiers as Virtua Racing’s polygonal powerhouses did.

But car number 41, more so than its cohorts, is an icon – a totem of a time when Sega’s imagination ran as wild as the stallions galloping beside Daytona USA’s Sea Side Street Galaxy, and now a fitting epitaph to a genre that seems, not for the first time, to have breathed its last.

As a revival, this touched-up outing for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network is as full-blooded and sure-footed as it gets. Textures are carefully guided into the often-unforgiving world of 720p, the soundtrack’s been sent back to the recording studio now it doesn’t have the din of an arcade to hide behind and it’s kept every one of its 60 frames per second.

Sega’s work here goes a little beyond the promise of an arcade perfect port, too. Like Bluepoint Games’ recent work for Sony on the God of War and Team Ico Collections, this is Daytona USA as you remember it rather than how it actually was: dim memories of its rolling blue skies and Tonka Toy cars unearthed and gifted back to you in full HD.

It’s a revival that’s subtly revisionist, though it’s all in the best possible taste. The pop-up that marred the original Model 2 board has been smoothed, if not eradicated completely, while the more detailed textures work in tandem with an unwavering frame rate to hide Daytona USA’s 18-year vintage well.

And fortunately age doesn’t seem to have ravaged Daytona USA’s core, which proves as timeless as any racing game of the last twenty years. As tradition dictates – and it’s arguable that Daytona USA has dictated much of the tradition here – it’s a race against a ticking clock as much as it is your fellow racers, as you pick up fistfuls of seconds on passing each checkpoint.

Even taking into account the requisite mirrored courses, Daytona USA is light on content, but Sega’s been smart to dig deep into what’s already there rather than adding to it. Sitting alongside the arcade original – which itself is presented across various difficulties, with various options including the ability to play with the original Japanese menus – there’s a generous and thoughtful suite of extras.

Survival Mode takes the second-scrounging nature of Daytona USA’s checkpoint races to a logical and satisfying conclusion; here, time’s also rewarded for clean cornering, overtakes and drifts, with the aim being to cover as much ground as possible before the counter hits zero. There’s a touch of the Gothams in how it balances constant reward against a ticking clock, and it’s enlivened, as is much of Daytona USA’s content, by full leaderboard support.

Challenge Mode presents a warm reminder of Sumo’s work on its various OutRun 2 conversions. Split evenly across all three courses, it’s a diverting run through bite-sized objectives – although it’s lacking a little of the imagination that provided Coast 2 Coast’s parallel mode with such a strong pull.

It’s Karaoke Mode that really gets to the big, dumb heart of Daytona USA though. Light on features and with no tangible scoring system, it simply overlays the lyrics of Takenobu Mitsuyoshi’s stirringly cheesy soundtrack to the game, inviting you to sing along – as if you ever really needed an invite to sing along to Sky High anyway. It’s throwaway stuff that nevertheless inspires the widest of smiles.


Daytona USA: Development details, pics, Japanese date

Japan gets Daytona USA on October 26. It will be priced at 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360, so we can be pretty sure our version will be about $10 on both systems. Daytona USA features new HD visuals and support for eight player online play. Modes include a time attack mode, a challenge mode, and a Rooooooling Staaaaart!-tastic karaoke mode. I’m basically in for just the last feature.

Who’s making this game? Andriasang says that Daytona USA is being ported by the same team that previously worked on the home ports of Virtua Fighter 5, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, After Burner Climax and Virtual On Force. A recent blog post calls them the AM Port Team.

You’ll find some new screenshots of the game in our gallery below. They are blocky as f*ck. I love that there’s still 8-sided wheels in the pit crew shot.


Daytona USA achievements leaked: There’s a karaoke mode!

Remember when Sega teased us with a revival of one of their classic franchises? You knew it was Daytona USA, didn’t you? The title has yet to be confirmed, but it’s Daytona.

It seems that Achievements for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Daytona USA have been leaked. The find, by Xbox360Achievements, mentions leaderboards, knocking down a Jeffery statue, Arcade, Challenge, and Survival modes, and my favorite, a Karaoke mode. I’m not sure how a karaoke mode would fit in a racing title, but I don’t care. I just want it.

Blue, blue skies, I seeeeeeeeeeee!

First Place BEGINNER 10
Win a BEGINNER Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok).

First Place ADVANCED 10
Win an ADVANCED Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok).

First Place EXPERT 10
Win an EXPERT Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok).

Slot Machine 15
On a BEGINNER Course of ARCADE Mode press “Special” in front of the Slots to stop the 3 reels.

Find the hidden sign at the dead end in ADVANCED Course of ARCADE MODE.

Flipmode 15
On an EXPERT Course of ARCADE Mode, upend the Jeffry statue by repeatedly pressing “Special”.

Repair HORNET 20
Repair damage in the Pit during Arcade Mode.

Rank In 15
Upload your record to the Time Trial Mode leaderboard.

Clear 20 Clear a challenge in CHALLENGE Mode.

Survive: 5000 20
Log over 5000 in SURVIVAL Mode.

Karaoke Racer! 30
Play KARAOKE Mode until the end.

100 hits 20
Hit the sign or road cone 100 times. (no. of hits is the cumulative total)


Daytona USA revs up for late October

The first indication of a forthcoming Daytona USA rerelease came with a Classification Board of Australia listing last month. Sega revealed today that a “tuned up” version of the classic arcade racer will be landing on October 25 on the PlayStation Network and October 26 on Xbox Live Arcade.

Among the changes to this version are enhanced graphics, steering wheel support, and online multiplayer for up to eight players. Sega characterized the graphics as retro, but also said they will be presented in a 16:9 widescreen format. All traditional modes will be present in this version of the game, including Arcade, Survival, Time Trial, and Online.

Daytona USA was first released in arcades in 1993 and was one of Sega’s first-party titles at the 1995 launch of the Sega Saturn. In 2001, Sega also released a Dreamcast version of the title with added online play. More recently, the game Sega touts as “the most played arcade racer” was relaunched in 2010 under the name Sega Racing Classic.

Daytona USA will cost $9.99 on the PSN and 800 Microsoft points on XBLA later this month.

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Daytona USA May Be Coming To A Video Game Console Near You (Again)

What’s this?! A new rating for a Daytona USA video game? What could it mean?! If we’re venturing guesses, we’ll go with Sega reviving the classic arcade racer for an Xbox Live Arcade and/or PlayStation Network re-release.

But that’s just an educated guess, based on the fact that Sega has already released games like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi through Microsoft and Sony’s respective digital distribution stores. An HD console release of Daytona USA, which is what we’re inferring from a recent Australian classification board listing spotted by XBLA Fans, would certainly be welcome.

It’s as good a candidate for an XBLA/PSN release as any in Sega’s back catalog. The classic arcade racer has received multiple ports, including one for Windows PCs and one for the Sega Dreamcast.

We’re checking in with Sega to see if they’d like to clear this one up.


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