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Rumor: Ninja Theory invites top Devil May Cry players to try DmC

If you’re part of a niche group of people, you can possibly take an early stab at Ninja Theory’s controversial reboot, DmC: Devil May Cry. According to a post on NeoGAF, an invitation is hitting the inboxes of some of the top Devil May Cry players, offering to pay for travel and hook them up with a free lunch in exchange for some input on the new game.

However, Ninja Theory has yet to confirm any invites have been sent. A similar thread on the developer’s own forums lacks any comment and our solicitations have gone unanswered thus far. We’ll let you know if there really is such a thing as a free lunch.



Devil May Cry enemy concept art is straight out of Monet’s nightmares

If you thought Dante’s makeover for the new Devil May Cry title was scary — for one, you’re extremely easily frightened. For two, you probably shouldn’t look at this digital concept art for three DmC enemies, the Warrior Drone, Tank Drone and Stinger. It’s easy to see how the game got its intensely stylized, oil-painting vibe from these initial renditions. They’re truly beautiful, in a terrifying kind of way.


Go absolutely crazy over the first Devil May Cry HD Collection trailer


Is your morning heartbreakingly short of breakbeats, metal guitar, and gravity-defying fighting? The first trailer from the Devil May Cry’s trilogy’s HD re-release is here to help with that, bringing all three in spades. And Dante? Well he’s absolutely crazy about it!


DMC’s Dante sequestered in a separate universe

For its Devil May Cry game, Ninja Theory somewhat boldly reimagined the revered protagonist, Dante, changing his appearance and his backstory. And now, to assuage the surprisingly irritated Devil May Cry fanbase, Ninja Theory assured Dengeki PlayStation that this version of Dante is from a parallel continuity separate from that of the white-haired Dante-Prime.

That means that the Dante you know and love can continue in his own universe, and potentially in future Devil May Cry games, while Dante of Earth 2 splits off in a different direction. It also means that there’s an official Devil May Cry “canon,” which somebody has actually put thought into. In fact, there are two now.


DmC Devil May Cry Takes Place In A Parallel World With A Different Dante

The half-angel, half-demon Dante in DmC Devil May Cry is not the Dante you know from Devil May Cry. Strange yes, but there’s an explanation inside Dengeki PlayStation. The magazine explains Ninja Theory’s game takes place in parallel world.

The Dante we know and love still exists in our world and the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 universe. Ninja Theory suggested this storyline shift, according to the magazine.

DmC Dante has separate angel and devil powers. Players can switch between these by pressing a button. DmC Devil May Cry has a devil trigger function, but it won’t turn this Dante into a devil. Instead, it freezes enemies in their tracks.

DmC Devil May Cry is in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


DmC Only 30% Complete

According to reports from Japan development from Capcom’s next Devil May Cry installment is currently at 30%. DmC is being developed for the PS3 and 360 by Ninja Theory and was announced over a year ago during the Tokyo Game Show 2010. New details regarding DmC have recently come to light as well.

In other Devil May Cry news, the DMC HD Collection (which consists of Devil May Cry 1 , 2 and the Special Edition version of the 3rd game) is 70%.


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