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‘Diablo III’ Collector’s Edition Announced and Detailed

BlizzCon has come and gone in a flurry of excitement and RTS tomfoolery (not to mention pandas). Thanks to the announcement of the upcoming update for World of Warcraft and the debut of new trailers for both StarCraft II and Diablo III, it was a good time to be a gamer at BlizzCon. While Blizzard has been obviously busy at work, they have also been fairly tight-lipped on Diablo III information: specifically a release date and price.

While they are no closer to giving an official date other than “Early 2012”, they have taken one step closer by announcing the Diablo III Collector’s Edition, which is now on display at their website. Still unavailable for purchase (primarily due to pricing being announced in the coming weeks), the Collector’s Edition is stacked with Diablo goodies that any fan would want.

One of the most appealing pieces of the Collector’s Edition – aside from the game itself – is that it will also come with a Diablo Skull where players will be able rest their 4GB USB Soulstone. The USB Stone will come complete with Diablo II and Diablo II: Lords of Destruction, letting players catch up on anything they may have missed.

The other interesting little tidbit included will be in-game content for not only Diablo III, but also StarCraft II and World of Warcraft. Warcraft players will get the chance to traverse Azeroth with the “Fetish Shaman,”, while StarCraft II players will get an exclusive army decal, along with three portraits. Of course Diablo III players get the best swag, with “Angelic Wings, a war banner, and Bottled Cloud/Bottled Smoke to dye your armor sets.”

That’s not all, not by a long shot. Purchasers will also receive a Behind The Scenes Blu-ray/DVD disc set (complete with over an hour of commentary from producers and developers), a 208-page art book, and the Diablo II Soundtrack.

After it’s all spelled out, it would be a safe assumption that the Collector’s Edition will cost players somewhere around $150-200 easily, and with only limited numbers, they will go fast. It’s possible that Blizzard is waiting to see how well Star War: The Old Republic does with its Collector’s Edition pre-orders, and will make their numbers match.



Diablo 3 being polished up, no release date yet

The build of Diablo 3 being shown at BlizzCon 2011 last week did have a few polish updates, but generally it was the same content previously available in the beta, which we’ve covered thoroughly so far. Diablo 3’s Technical Director Wyatt Chang agreed while chatting with me last week that the game is basically content complete, but the polish phase is far from over. “Content complete for us usually means things like voice recording, art, assets are in place, but it doesn’t mean that things like the tuning, balance, and game systems are in place.”

The team is still working hard on some of the core concepts, however — one issue that’s come up lately is whether players can switch skills on the fly or not. In the beta, says Cheng, “you can play with your skill window open, and you can switch skills in the middle of the fight, which has some upsides and it’s very cool in one regard, but on the whole, I think it’s sort of a more negative experience, and a lot of people in the community have agreed.” Just recently, the team was dealing with things like “how many Pages of Training you can have in one stack,” so they are starting to dive into the nitty gritty of how the game will work.

The Rune system hasn’t been seen in the beta at all, but Cheng says that “they’re being tested extensively internally.” Runes just didn’t appear in the early part of the game where the beta is set, but Cheng promises that they “are still as crazy and diverse as ever.” The real-money market isn’t going through testing, but the team is working on a few design tweaks for it, including going “through lots of efforts to ensure that gold will actually be a real and valuable commodity, which is really required in order for the auction house to function.”

Blizzard continues to hedge its bets on a possible Diablo 3 release date, unfortunately — there wasn’t one mentioned at the conference at all. But it sounds like development on the game, while still very busy, is at least starting to nail down a few of the finer points.


Diablo 3 Console Confirmed? Dev Interview + Beta Update! BLIZZCON 2011

Diablo 3 is out in full force at Blizzcon 2011, and we got to talk with a couple devs about what’s happening. Are they ready to confirm that a version of Diablo 3 is headed to consoles? Tara got a chance to sit down with some of the game’s devs to find out the answer to that question, and many more.


Blizzard talks console controls for Diablo 3

Blizzard’s Diablo 3 developers are on the main stage at BlizzCon 2011 right now, and game director Jay Wilson spoke a little bit about the potential console version of the game. Nothing has changed — there is no officially announced console version. But Wilson did confirm that Blizzard has hired a team to work on it, and that the company has been iterating on console controls.

“The movement actually feels better on the controller,” Wilson said, in response to a fan’s question. “Targeting is the issue.” Most of the schemes the team has come up for choosing what to attack and loot require a reticule, “which we really don’t want to do,” Wilson said. “Monster distribution and AI also feels a little bit different than it does on the PC version.”

And Blizzard won’t even say that there’s a console version coming “because we don’t want to announce something until we’re sure.” Obviously the team is working on it, and obviously Diablo 3 on a console would be extremely popular — the first game did officially come to the original PlayStation all those years ago. But as Wilson says, the team wants to assure that “if it goes on a console, it doesn’t compromise the PC game in any way, and it feels like it was built for the console.”


Diablo III Will be Free To World of Warcraft Annual Pass Subscribers

Diablo III will be free to play for annual pass World of Warcraft subscribers, Blizzard announced at their convention.

Starting today you can go and sign up for the World of Warcraft annual pass. By making a 12-month commitment to World of Warcraft you will get Diablo III free when it launches.

In addition you will also get guarantee access to the next World of Warcraft expansion beta when it goes live. You will also get the Tyrael’s Charger mount for free.

That new annual pass, which you can pay for monthly, is live on the site now.


Fresh demonic Diablo 3 media from Blizzcon


Your parents may have told you that reading was good for you, a valuable skill that enriches life. That might be true, unless you happen to be Leah, niece of Diablo’s quintessential soothsayer, Deckard Cain. In her case, too much reading leads to some sort of demonic family reunion and a hellish invasion of the mortal realm.

Nice going, books.


Diablo 3 limited edition includes Diablo 2, Diablo skull USB drive

Hey, remember that amazing StarCraft 2 special edition? You know, the huge one, with the full sized art book, and the USB drive with Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War? And the WoW pet? Man, that was sweet.

Well we hope you like Diablo 3, because, like, that’s pretty much exactly what they’re doing for the Diablo 3 Limited Edition. Announced at today’s Blizzcon press conference, the Limited edition will also come with a behind-the-scenes DVD. Diablo 2 will be included in the box on a special USB drive (in a holder shaped like freaking Diablo’s skull), and, for users who register their LE, an in-game mount for WoW, Tyrael’s Charger. And don’t forget that giant art book.


Asiasoft to distribute Blizzard games in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

Asiasoft has confirmed that it has entered an agreement with Blizzard Entertainment as an official distributor to Blizzard games in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The distribution agreement will include the best-selling games from Blizzard Entertainment including Diablo action role-playing game series (yes, Diablo III as well), the Warcraft and StarCraft franchise.

For Blizzard fans, here is a gentle reminder that Blizzcon 2011 will begin on October 21 in Anaheim Convention Center located in the US.


Get a Sneak Peek at Diablo III’s Items, Weapons and Armour

Even though most of you aren’t playing the game yet, Blizzard still wants you to get to grips with the world of Diablo III. So the developer has opened a section on the game’s site where you can check out a lot of Diablo III’s early items and weapons.

These are of course just the “starters”, the list not showing what the items (or their stats) will look like once you’ve crafted and modified them to hell and high water.

You’ll find armour, weapons, potions and recipes all at the link below, waiting for your pre-emptive perusal. Including Legendary Pants.

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Diablo III PS3 seems likely after job listing

Just a few days after Blizzard confirmed that they were “interested” in bringing upcoming PC RPG Diablo III to consoles, they’ve posted a job listing on their website, searching for a PlayStation 3 software developer to join their team.

And it’s listed in the Diablo section, too. The new recruit is “to be a key contributor on the Diablo team,” says the post.

There’s no mention of recruiting any Xbox 360 developers, however, which hints at a PlayStation 3 console exclusive – at least initially.

But earlier this year, Blizzard said job listings were not to be taken as announcements of games – and a previous position related to Diablo III on consoles was simply as part of an “investigation” into the possibility of console versions.

Blizzard said they were putting the PC version first, and would not allow console development to delay the game.


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