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New Max Payne 3 screens

When Max Payne isn’t busy looking like a broken man, head in hands, he’s exacting vengeance, as seen in the latest volley of screens from upcoming shooter Max Payne 3. If said vengeance just so happens to take him fully horizontal while in mid-air, firing two guns, then so be it!



Max Payne 3 sets “a new benchmark for sophistication” – Rockstar

Rockstar seem to have some big ambitions for Max Payne 3, their third-person shooter sequel. In fact, according to art director Rob Nelson, the game should set “a new benchmark for sophistication” within the genre. That’s a big claim. So how does the team aim to achieve this?

Primarily through a combination of Bullet Time – the series’ famed time-slowing mechanic – and character development, it would seem. It’s sophisticated in both a narrative and action sense.

“Much like the originals, Max Payne 3 is about combining groundbreaking action with powerful characterisation in a way that feels completely fresh and new,” explained Nelson.

“A massive part of this in all three games is the concept of Bullet Time: the choreography of shooting and manipulating time to create the most precise, action-packed gunplay possible. We want players to get a sensation of placing and reacting to every single bullet with precision and style and getting to savor the results.”

Nelson explained that all the signature Bullet Time moves are back, so Max Payne will once again be diving and rolling all over the place while the world slows around him. But the detail has been increased, and the complexity of the system has been ramped up. It’s due to a combination of Rockstar’s RAGE engine and various animation tools – they’ll make the protagonist react to the world around him realistically, and within the player’s control, Nelson revealed in an interview with IGN.

“The player has an amazing amount of control over the player when running and targeting,” he said, adding that every bullet is individually modeled with dynamic hit-registering, and every gun is modelled as accurately as possible.

There’ll even be some new Bullet Time features added to Max Payne – stuff that the team at Rockstar aren’t quite ready to talk about yet.

“Our goal is to set a new benchmark for sophistication and feel in a third-person shooter,” said Nelson. “We’ve really tried to make the experience as intense and focused as possible.”

Max Payne 3 will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in March 2012 – a move which surprised some, given Rockstar’s tendency to release major games in May.


Watch the Official Pop-Up Edition of the First Max Payne 3 Trailer

Last week, we unveiled your very first look at Max Payne 3 in action with the game’s official First Trailer.

Today, we revisit the trailer – this time with some additional exclusive new intel direct from the inside.

The Max Payne 3 First Trailer: Pop Up Edition highlights many of the things you glimpsed in the video, now illuminated by some new details being revealed for the first time…
Including first information on game characters like Raul Passos, the Comando Sombra gang, and early details on Max Payne 3’s weapons, melee, cover, physics, the long-awaited return of Bullet Time® and more…

Believe us, we’re only getting warmed up. Look for tons more about Max Payne 3 to be revealed in-depth in the months leading up to the game’s March 2012 release.


Max Payne 3 will stay true to the ‘core element of Max,’ retain noir narrative style

A lot has changed since 2003, not only for Max but for the gaming industry. What may have worked back then doesn’t necessarily cut the mustard-stained tanktop nowadays, Rockstar VP of product development Jeronimo Barrera explained to GameSpot. Thus the radical departure in setting and look for Max Payne 3.

Barrera said that while Max Payne 3 is very modern, most of the game’s wrappings will be familiar to those who played the first game. The change of setting from snow-covered New York to the hot and muggy tropics of São Paulo, Brazil, doesn’t mean that Max Payne 3 will lose the series’ iconic noir narrative and Max’s internal monologues. “While we’ve revealed the setting as São Paulo, the game stays true to all the fundamentals of the first two games, from the noir themes and visuals to James McCaffrey’s iconic voice-over and even a version of the graphic-novel-style panels,” Barrera said.

And if you doubt Rockstar’s commitment to Sparkle Motion delivering an authentic Max Payne experience, original developer Remedy was consulted early on to ensure the game’s direction was on course. “Staying true to each core element of Max was always a major focus, and that’s actually something that we discussed with Remedy during development, and they’ve been extremely supportive of our work.” Rockstar did change the story of Max Payne 3 to stretch over the course of a few weeks, as opposed to taking place over the course of a single evening like the previous two games.

Finally, Barrerra teased that we’d get to see Max in “some familiar locations,” but we won’t get to hear about that until later this year.


The First ‘Max Payne 3′ Trailer is Here

The trailer reflects the early confirmed Max Payne 3 story and gameplay details and illustrate those items in action. Once again, ex-Detective Max Payne now finds himself staring at the bottom of a bottle and has left the NYPD to become a personal security specialist for a wealthy family in San Paolo, Brazil. His motivations to get his crap back in order get triggered when the wife of his client is kidnapped and Max pulls out all the stops to get her back. Insert 5000+ bullets. Take a look at the trailer.

First off, it’s great to see that the wonderfully haunting theme song from Max Payne 2 by Kärtsy Hatakka is still being employed. Like previous Max Payne games, the third iteration will also be driven by Max’s inner monologue, detailing his reactions and thoughts to each peculiar situation he finds himself in, complimenting the game’s cinematics.

The gameplay looks as strong as it ever was, with the delivery of rounds down range presented in the most cinematic way possible. Bullet-time and bullet cam of course return, adding stylistic flair to each individual gun fight. New to the game will be a kind of melee combat system that allows Max to combine a quick strike of his weapon and integrate that into firing shots. The cinematic action will be running an upgraded version of the Euphoria engine Rockstar has been employing lately.

Max Payne 3 looks fantastic. There is some worry among the industry regarding its success however, most notably that the game must sell around 4 million copies to recoup losses during the title’s development. The most important thing is that it’s finally coming in 6 months.

Max Payne 3 will be releasing in March 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


2 New Screenshot For Max Payne 3

Rockstar just release 2 new screenshots!

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