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Portal 2’s second DLC is an ‘in-game editor,’ arrives ‘early next year’

Valve has just unveiled plans for the second downloadable content package coming to this year’s big sequel, Portal 2: an “in-game editor!” According to a PR statement from the company, the next DLC is currently “in development and targeted for release early next year.”

Apparently some form of community functionality will be attached to player creations, allowing other users to “view, play, and vote” on various levels. Outside of some cursory details — the editor will allow players to create and share both single-player and co-op levels — little is known about how editing will work, or if the DLC will arrive on both PC/Mac and consoles.

With Steam support on all but one console, the Xbox 360, we wouldn’t be surprised if the second Portal 2 DLC doesn’t arrive everywhere. But then Valve head Gabe Newell indicated differently in a recent interview, so we just can’t be sure. We’ve reached out to Valve for some clarity.



Portal 2’s ‘Peer Review’ DLC now available, full game for half price on Steam

It may have missed it’s planned “summer” launch window, but Portal 2’s first, totally free DLC “Peer Review” is being made available to download today via Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Valve’s own Steam distribution service. As previously detailed, the content delivers a brand new co-op track for everybody’s favorite anthropomorphic duo, and once again features everybody’s favorite murderous robot.

And hey, if for some crazy reason you don’t already own Portal 2, we’re not sure we can continue this relationship. But we’ve got a way you can get things fixed up: pick up the game on the cheap right now, for just $14.99 (that’s 50 percent off, folks).


Portal 2’s Turret Lullaby comic sheds light and lasers on the singing turrets

Valve keeps plenty of secrets from the world, locked away and tied down with live, stripped wires above a shallow pool of stale water, surrounded by a moat of baby hippopotamuses — but this secret got out. Turret Lullaby is a six-page Portal 2 comic that explains the birth of the singing turrets. We don’t want to give it away, but it involves a baby, a burglar and a lot of bullets.


Free Portal 2 ‘Peer Review’ DLC drops on October 4

So much for “mid-September,” eh? Valve has announced that the first DLC for Portal 2, which is called “Peer Review,” will be available for free download on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 4.

“Peer Review” continues the cooperative exploits of Atlas and P-Body, the two beloved robot protagonists in Portal 2’s co-op campaign. GLaDOS will also be featured as the two tackle a new co-op test track. However, the DLC will also include a Challenge mode for both co-op and single-player with full leaderboard support.

To help ease the pain of waiting for free stuff, Valve’s offering, uh, free stuff! You can download the third and final group of tracks from Portal 2’s soundtrack, Music to Test By, right now by heading on over to Valve’s site here.


For The Next Few Days, Portal Is Free

From now until September 20, the PC and Mac versions of Valve’s classic first-person puzzler Portal are free. Free gratis. You won’t pay a cent for it.

A website has gone live (perhaps a little early) promoting the offer, which directs users to Valve’s Steam service, where they’re directed to download the game free of charge.

Not that this will be terribly useful to that many of you, since by now, four years on, surely everyone has a copy, but just in case you don’t, have at it!


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