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Famitsu: PS Vita memory cards are a ‘requirement’

When a company sells an optional add-on to a product, one usually assumes that it is just that — optional. According to Famitsu, however, the PlayStation Vita’s expensive memory cards aren’t something you can just ignore, with some games refusing to even boot up without one inserted.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss is one such game. It won’t work unless you drop mad bank for an extra memory card. Famitsu has stated that these cards are “pretty much a requirement” for anybody wanting to play on Sony’s new machine, which goes hand in hand with last week’s news that game saves would be demanding them.

I was impressed by the Vita’s $250 price point, but it seems that’s not the true cost of the machine once we factor memory cards into the mix. This is what we in the industry would call a “dick move” on the part of Sony, but I’m sure some of you think it’s completely fair. I look forward to the defense of this one.



Vita games with internal memory can’t use memory cards

Ready to learn even more about the intricacies of Vita game saving, long before you’ll ever hit “save” on a Vita game? After reporting the list of games requiring external memory card, Kotaku Japan followed up with SCEI to get more information about the save system.

Games capable of saving directly to their own cartridges, the site learned, won’t offer you the option to save to an external card. That means you’ll never be given the choice — games that can save internally will always do so. The site also discovered that you’ll have to have a memory card in the Vita at startup in order to operate games that require external storage.

Sony told Kotaku Japan that in addition to save data, some games may use the memory card for DLC. Got it?


These are the Vita games that require a memory card

Some PlayStation Vita games will let you save to the internal memory on the cartridge; others require you to have an external memory card, in a situation reminiscent of the Nintendo 64’s confusing “Controller Pak.” Kotaku Japan compiled a list of the Japanese launch games and their memory requirements, allowing us to see how common the external memory requirement is.

Known launch window games requiring separate memory cards include Ridge Racer, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, Sega’s golf game @Field, Hot Shots Golf 6, the AR title Monster Radar, and the assuredly Japan-only Dream Club Zero Portable. Everything else saves to memory included on the game itself — with one exception: the status of (sigh) Touch My Katamari is unannounced.

That’s for the retail versions of these games. Here’s the list of games whose PSN versions require you to use an external memory card for save data:

  • All of them


PS Vita’s built-in Twitter app shown off in Hong Kong, we go hands-on (video)

Here’s a little souvenir for Twitter addicts eyeing the upcoming PS Vita: at today’s debut event in Hong Kong, we got to see said console’s built-in Twitter app in action for the very first time, and we were fortunate enough to get some exclusive hands-on time with Sony’s in-house software. As you can see in our video after the break, the overall design feels very much in line with Twitter’s standard ID: the same shade of blue, the usual tabs on the left column, slick elastic scrolling in the timelines, and support for geotagging, hash tags plus photo attachment while tweeting. No surprises here, but hey, the app worked well for us.

That said, we were told that the app wasn’t quite finished yet, and Sony still couldn’t confirm whether this — along with the other dedicated apps like Skype, Foursquare and Facebook — will be ready for download by the time the Vita launches in Hong Kong on December 23rd (just a tad later than Japan’s launch on the 17th). In case you’re wondering, the Vita there will cost HK$2,280 (US$290) for the WiFi version and HK$2,780 (US$360) for the 3G flavor, both unsubsidized but cheaper than their Japanese counterparts. Of course, given that the console isn’t region-locked, feel free to go do some shopping in Hong Kong then — just save some for the locals, OK? Also, check out our gallery below for some close-up shots of the Vita’s music and video apps.



PlayStation Vita to launch in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia on February 22, 2012

SCEA head Jack Tretton today announced the PlayStation Vita’s US launch date on stage at the Web 2.0 Summit (yes, really) — it’ll arrive on February 22, 2012. As previously revealed, the Vita will come in two separate versions with two separate prices, one for $249.99 without 3G and a pricier $299.99 model.

The Vita launch date also puts release dates to a handful of other “launch” titles, such as Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. We’re hopeful that more titles will get penned in after today’s big news.

Update: “Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia” too!


Vita can be used as a PS3 controller via Remote Play

Sony Worldwide President Shuhei Yoshida says that they’re still working on it, but you’ll eventually be able to use the PlayStation Vita as a PS3 controller. He teases the functionality in a new interview in Famitsu.

A TGS last month a mock example was shown with Killzone 3 being played remotely on the Vita. Yoshida admits that this was a corded demonstration as they were worried that interference could flub up their showing.

Beyond pure Remote Play, the Vita can be used as a controller for the PlayStation 3. The system’s screen can also act as a sub monitor. Andriasang says that Sony is looking into creating utility libraries that will allow PS3 developers to use the Vita’s touch screen. How very Wii U of them!

Yoshida says that Sony is currently working on a library that will facilitate Remote Play functions, and that devs will receive a beta version soon. One of the first uses will be boring. A December update in Japan will bring remote control functions to PS3 digital video recording app Torne.


Vita downloads limited to 20MB over 3G at launch

ASCII magazine spoke to an unnamed Sony Computer Entertainment representative about some concerns about the PlayStation Vita. One of those concerns involved downloads over the Vita’s optional 3G connection. The good news: you can still download things from the PlayStation Store when using the 3G connection in Vitas that support it.

The bad news is that, at launch at least, 3G file downloading is limited to 20MB or under. You’ll therefore be downloading Minis or (real talk) system updates, but not full retail games while you’re away from wi-fi. The representative specified that this was the case at launch, and the limits could change in the future.

The rep also addressed the odd proprietary memory card. As of now, there are currently no plans to use the format in any other devices. It sounds like Sony’s not trying to push a new media format like it did the Blu-Ray — this is really about making you buy one more memory card.


PSP and Vita can talk to each other

You’d think that the PS Vita swooping in to replace the PSP would make for some awkward Christmases at the PlayStation household. But according to Siliconera, the ex and the new wife can talk to each other just fine.

We knew that the Vita would be able download PSP games from the PlayStation Store, but what we’re just now learning is that the new device will be able to play AdHoc multiplayer with the PSP in games that support the feature.


Watch Ten Minutes of Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PS Vita

You know, that PlayStation Vita is capable of some lovely looking video games. Uncharted: Golden Abyss, for example, is one of the lovelier ones and not just because that Nathan Drake is so damn dashing.
Golden Abyss is more than just a pretty face, however, as Bend Studios’ John Garvin kindly explains in this narrated walkthrough of what makes this portable Uncharted game special. Learn a little bit more about the on-the-go adventures of Nate and his new friends, plus how a few interesting Vita-only gimmicks are gonna work.

Our boys in Japan will probably be bringing you some hands-on impressions of Uncharted: Golden Abyss any minute now, but for some direct-feed footage, press play.

PS Vita will have external battery peripheral

If the short-lived battery built into the PS Vita is a hang-up for you, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida shared some news with IGN which will either reassure you, or redouble your rage. “If you have not noticed we just announced the peripherals for PS Vita, as well,” Yoshida said, “and one of the peripherals is the external batteries. So if you’re flying from New York to San Francisco, or vice versa, you have no concerns if you have an additional external battery.”

The only thing to be concerned about, it seems, is the cost of such a peripheral. If it follows the price model of the Vita’s memory cards, it could be cause for concern, indeed.


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