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Saints Row the Third Cherished Memory #8 Jet Surfing



Saints Row: The Third – 44 Reasons Why it’s Awesome

Volition’s Eric Barker lists an impressive 44 reasons why Saint’s Row: The Third is awesome in this teaser trailer.


Saints Row: The Third pre-orders surpass those of The Second


Saints Row: The Third has enjoyed four times the pre-orders of Saints Row 2, according to THQ CEO Brian Farrell, who made the announcement yesterday during the company’s quarterly earnings call. That doesn’t mean that Saints Row: The Third is expected to run away with quadruple the sales. THQ estimates the game will ship over 3 million units before the publisher’s fiscal year ends in March 2012. By comparison, Saints Row 2 launched in October 2009 and sold 2.6 million by the end of the fiscal year.

While all this seriousness was going on, THQ sent out a trailer this morning celebrating the madness of Saints Row: The Third’s pimps, gimps and “everything but the kitchen sink” mentality.


Saints Row: The Third PC system requirements revealed

Volition passed along the Saints Row: The Third PC system requirements to Destructoid and the recommended specs are kinda beefy. Not Crysis 2 at max settings beefy, but you’ll need a GeForce GTX 400 series or better, or ATI Radeon HD5000 series or better graphics card, and a quad core processor under the hood — you know, if you’re looking to really soak in the visual symphony that is watching a man in a feathered hat kill a helpless citizen on the streets of Steelport with a gigantic dildo bat. The required specs are a bit more forgiving.

On top of that, Volition also posted about some specific PC features over on the Saints Row site, including “AMD Eyefinity support, DX9, DX10, and DX11 support, Crossfire enabled, SLI enabled, advanced depth of field, reflections, and ambient occlusion quality, and, of course, God Rays.” Perhaps the platform’s best feature, however, is the Saints Video Record Mode, which allows you to save specific gameplay clips and upload them to your preferred video hosting service. Or we guess you could just hold on to the clips as a personal, secret reminder of that one time you did a barrel roll in your Mercedes through a crowd of people. Entirely up to you.


Saints Row: Money Shot Coming Exclusively To PS3, Possibly Free

Eagle eyed gamers spotted a description and boxart for Saints Row: Money Shot earlier in the year. The downloadable game (content?) promised to put you in control of a cypher, “a deadly assassin in the world of Saints Row with the most sophisticated weaponry that Ultor has to offer.”

According to the description, Money Shot was a mini-game in which you used said complex weaponry to “control the path of your bullet” and steer it through obstacles towards a specified target.

But the game has been missing in action for some time. With Saints Row: The Third right around the corner, WorthPlaying has grilled THQ boss Danny Bilson about the title, to which he explained that the mini-game will still release as a PlayStation Network exclusive.

“In the case of Money Shot, it will be on PSN as a Sony offering, and I’m pretty sure it’s free,” the core games boss revealed.

It smells like a PlayStation Plus give away to us. We wonder if it will be a stand-alone experience or something that plugs into The Third’s main campaign a la DLC.

With THQ’s open-world adventure out any day now, we’re sure Sony and THQ will have something to announce. Especially now the cat’s out of the bag.


Do a Barrel Roll in Saints Row: The Third Cherished Memory Trailer 5

Sometimes memories take a little time to bubble up, and other times, like Jason Bourne’s in Bourne Identity, they come at the individual rapid fire. Such is the case with these Saints Row: The Third ‘Cherished Memories’ trailers. They started out as a once a week thing, but as you know, we already received this week’s co-op friendly clip.

But, lo and behold, another Saints Row: The Third clip has been sent our way, and it’s here for all to see. Much like the previous co-op oriented trailer, this one also shows the different types of shenanigans players can get into with a friend.

More importantly the trailer shows off some of the new “toys” that Saints Row: The Third offers gamers, namely the aerial drone. We have seen a few of the more technology-heavy vehicles and weapons that will be available in previous trailers, but this is pure awesome.

It’s clear that developer Volition took a page out of Modern Warfare 3’s book (a franchise that they recently poked fun at in trailer form) with this drone, giving players more freedom than the Call of Duty franchise typically allows. And then, there’s the player zooming through the streets, who reaps the benefits of their buddy’s carnage, culminating in a cliffhanger back flip that we can’t wait to try out.

There’s already been pretty substantial pieces of Saints Row: The Third’s varied gameplay seen in one trailer or another, but the title still continues to surprise us. The sheer amount of choices available, and the way that co-op takes those choices in an entirely new direction, is nothing short of impressive.

Initially, gamers might have written off Saints Row: The Third as some sort of Grand Theft Auto parody, and it might still be that, but it’s also got a lot more going for it this time around. A new trailer for GTA V might have gamers buzzing, but come mid-November a different sandbox title will have them rolling on the floor laughing.


It’s satchel-charge madness in Saints Row: The Third

I’m sure when most of you saw the tagline for Saints Row: The Third, you didn’t think “strap it on” literally meant strapping on a dozen satchel charges and running head long into a group of gun-toting luchadores. But hey, you learn something new everyday.

It does amaze me that the Saints Row franchise gets away with what it does; there’s a real thin line between inspired, over-the-top silliness and just plain offensiveness. I think if any other publisher had tried to sell their game with a trailer that involved strapping explosives to your characters body and blowing him sky-high, then we’d all be mortally offended. Well done on Saints Row: The Third for falling on the side of silliness.

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Create Your Saints Row: The Third Character Early in the “Initiation Station”

I’m hard-pressed to think of a game that has a more ridiculous character-creation setup than Volition’s upcoming Saints Row: The Third. From street thugs to superheroes, it’s possible to create just about anything. For those who can’t wait for the game’s release in a couple weeks, players with an access code can access the character creator early and upload them to the game’s website to share with others.

Volition says that for now, Initiation Station access will be limited to those who purchased the Saints Row Double Pack or preordered Red Faction: Armageddon. Early codes should be going out in emails, and public access to the Initiation Station will unlock on November 1st.

In the above video, Volition’s Penthouse spokesladies walk us through a goofy skit introducing the Initiation Station. Really, this video only scratches the surface of the multitudes of options in the creator itself. Back when I played the game, I managed to make a purple, metal-skinned chick with a leopardface. I anticipate that the creations we’ll see online will only get more depraved from there.

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A Griefer’s Guide to Saints Row: The Third

This handy video preview acts as a guide on how to get the most laughs out of your time in Steelport. Mature audiences only.

Saints Row: The Third ‘Cherished Memory’ trailer urges caution


“Warning,” it says. “Shooting hot dog mascots with a high-powered sonic rifle in a game of human baseball should not be attempted in the real world,” which, frankly, is news to us. Now we’ll have to cancel virtually all of tonight’s plans.


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